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Siksika Nation Siksika: what does this word mean ?

Native Algonquian people are usually named Blackfoot. As a matter of fact, there are three Algonquian tribes: Siksika (Blackfoot nation in native language), Blood and Piegan. It seems Siksika people wore black moccasins and this is the source of the name. These tribes came from Canada and they emigrated towards the current Montana. The hunters and merchants in furs were afraid of them, because Siksika weren’t indulgent towards intruders coming in their hunting territories. At present there are about 7,000 Blackfoot, 2,100 Piegan and 2,000 Blood, living in Blackfoot reservation of Browning, Montana, near the southern edge of Glacier National Park.

The Baseball team of San Pietro in Casale, Italy

The team (and Baseball game) was born in San Pietro in Casale in 1973 and was named BLACKFEET. The club was founded by Luigi Perrone, the first chairman, with the aid of some boys interested in this game. The first win came in 1974, June 23rd, against Modena, at present playing in the Italian A1 League. In 1980 the team changed the name and became SIKSIKA and Mrs.Caide Nanni was appointed president. The same year some girls began playing and the Softball team was established. Three years later (1983) the club had its third chairman: Giuseppe Guerrini. The team continued to play baseball till the beginning of Nineties and then went in for amateur softball till 1993. After the necessary apprenticeship of the first years, the team achieved good results in the minor League of Bologna’s province. The team won the local championship of C2 League in 1987; that year the team was named UNION, because there was a collaboration agreement with the team of the neighbouring town of Cento.

Tulsa Drillers And now ?

After the winding-up of the team, some players didn’t want to stop playing and consequently they joined the amateur softball team Minerbio's DRILLERS (Minerbio is a town in the neighbourhood). The following years the players strenghthened the friendship and, some years ago, they won the local championship of amateur softball.

Bologna’s Amateur Softball Championship

This championship was born in 1990 thanks to Aldo Ceccato, a well known name in Bologna’s Softball. It is for mixed teams and it has the rules of fast-pitch softball. The games are played by night, on illuminated fields. In 2015 the championship begins in April, 27th and stopped the regular season in July. There are 11 teams: All Blacks, Bandigas, Bears, Bomberos, Drillers, Dustbins, Indians, Opossum, Orioles, Ozzangeles, San Giovanni in Persiceto. These teams come from Bologna and neighbourhood.